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Tony Parker In and Out Crossover Pull Up

The reason this is called the Tony Parker move is because he is one of the players that has given this move notoriety, but it is used by a lot of different players. This move is really good for smaller players that need to create some space to be able to get their shot off.

The goal of this move is to sell that you are attacking with the in and out move, but then as soon as the defense shifts their weight to cut that move off, you snap the crossover back using the cross to also create more space from the defender so you can get right into your shot.

The more you can sell your move and then use the crossover to create space with, the more time you will have on your shot. Checkout more great moves like this in our basketball training groups app.



Drill Name: Tony Parker In and Out Crossover Pull Up

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Drill Goal: Work on coming off of a ball screen and holding the defender off to open up space and time to finish.

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and a dummy defender (optional).

Tips: You are not stopping on the in and out move, you need to be attacking forward. Really use the crossover to create space into your shot. Sell the move with your eyes, face, and body positioning. Really make the transition from your in and out to crossover really quick.

Directions: The player is going to start at top of the key 4-5 feet off of the 3 point line with the ball. They will begin to attack down hill towards the dummy defender (if you have one). At about the free throw line they will make an in and out move selling that they are attacking one way, but then they will immediately cross the ball over the other way leading themselves into their shot.


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