June 11

NBA Players React To Game 4 of the 2017 Finals

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Game 4 was physical and chippy with a heavy dose of foul calls and technicals dolled out from the referee crew.

Ultimately, the Cavs delivered the most offensive firepower, winning the game 137-116 and forcing a Game 5 in Golden State.

NBA players watching the game had plenty to say LeBron and KD getting into it, the Cavs fan who got ejected, the abundance of whistles blown and more.

Scroll through the gallery up top to see what the League had to say about an epic Game 4.

NBA Players React To Game 3 of the 2017 Finals

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June 11

The NBA Won’t Further Discipline Anyone On The Cavaliers Or Warriors After A Chippy Game 4

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Game 4 of the 2017 NBA Finals got really, really chippy. Officials handed out 51 total fouls on Friday night, including a number of technicals that were assessed to a handful of players – LeBron James and Kevin Durant got T’d up for jawing with one another, while no one knew exactly why Draymond Green wasn’t tossed for an accumulation of technicals. Oh, and Dahntay Jones decided to spend basically the remainder of this season’s paycheck after picking up a technical foul.

Along with all of this, there was an incident where it looked like Zaza Pachulia might have punched Iman Shumpert below the belt. Basically, the NBA had a lot to review when it went back and looked over the game prior to Monday night’s Game 5.

Sam Amick of USA Today Sports is happy to announce that the league has finished its review, and there will be no additional discipline for anyone that could put their statuses on Monday night into jeopardy.

This is great news because, well, it’s the Finals and it’s weird to watch games without players who are suspended. It would also be a bit ironic if there was some type of punishment which kept someone out of this game, because last year during Game 4 of the Finals, Green made contact with James below the belt, which led to the Warriors’ forward getting suspended for one game.

As Green has said in the past, him sitting out for Game 5 was one of the things that helped spark Cleveland’s eventual title – the Warriors couldn’t get the job done, the Cavs defended their home court in Game 6, and in a one-game series to decide the championship in Game 7, Cleveland was able to grind out a win. We’ll never know if the full-strength Warriors shut the door on the Cavs during Game 5 in 2016 if Green plays, but we do know that no one on either team will be forced to serve a suspension during Game 5 of the 2017 Finals.

June 11

Box Drill Jab and Go

Having an arsenal of basketball moves makes you hard to guard and unpredictable to the defense. It is important to have counters to all of your moves, because if the defense takes away one move or is over playing you, then you need to exploit that and make them pay. The box drill is great for making you very hard to guard in the mid post and on the wing out of the triple threat position. This basketball drill is going to work on selling the jab step and then going opposite.



Drill Name: Box Drill Jab and Go

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Drill Goal: Work on your foot work and be able to make a move with either foot being your pivot foot, as well as be able to pivot forward and backwards.

Equipment Needed: 1 Basketball.

Tips: Really sell your move and imagine the defender in front of you. Don’t waste any movement and really push the ball out in front of you when you make your move to the basket.

Directions: Start on the right block with the basketball in your hands. Spin the ball out to the elbow and then run out jump stop and grab it with both hands. You are going to use 1 of 4 pivot moves at the elbow. The moves are left foot reverse/forward pivot and right foot reverse/forward pivot. Make your pivot move and square up to the basket. Jab at the imaginary defender and then drive hard to the basket for any finish that you want. Get your rebound and then go to the opposite block and repeat the same move. You are going to do a total of 8 moves, 1 type of pivot move on each lane line. Change up your finish each time.

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June 11

Fake Hand Off Shooting Drill

Being able to read the defense and make them pay for cheating a play can add so much value to an offense. So it is important that you take time to work on teaching different situations that a player can make a defense pay for cheating. This drill is going to work on a hand off action where the defense gets out of position by trying to anticipate the hand off too early. It is going to allow the post player to get lots of repetitions at selling the hand off and then making an explosive move to the basket for the finish.

Great basketball drills keep all of the players involved as much as possible, so this drill is also going to have a shooting action for the guard after they come off of the fake hand off. It is a great drill that you can use with your team or with a small group.



Drill Name: Fake Hand Off Shooting Drill

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Drill Goal: Work on selling the hand off action and then keeping it for the finish. Also, the player coming off of the hand off action is going to get a shot as well.

Equipment Needed: 2 basketballs, 2 players, and a partner.

Tips: Really sell the hand off, try to hide the ball to keep the defense from seeing what you are doing. Push the ball out on the dribble to the basket and be explosive with the move. The guard coming off of the hand off needs to set their imaginary defender up before coming off, must take a great angle; the same goes for using the down screen.

Directions: The guard is going to start on the left wing with the ball and the post player is going to be on the right block. There is also going to be a passer at the top of the key with a ball and a chair on the opposite elbow. When the drill starts, the post player is going to flash to the left elbow and receive a pass from the guard. The guard will then set up their imaginary defender and cut off the post player like they are going to receive a hand off. The post player is going to fake the hand off and then take one dribble to the basket for a finish. As this is happening the guard is going to use the chair on the opposite elbow as a down screen and come up for a shot at the top of the key area. Once the post player makes their finish, they will get into rebounding position and look to tip in the guards shot if they miss. This completes on repetition, reset and repeat or have the next group in line go.


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June 11

Bob Knight Mid Range Shooting Drill

Being able to shoot on the move is a different feel from simply just catching and shooting. It is important to be able to do both so that you are a complete shooter. This basketball shooting drill is great because it works on so many things at one time. It improves your footwork, mechanics, form, gives you repetitions, and also builds up your conditioning. Being able to shoot when you are tired is mental as well as physical. This drill will help you break through both of those barriers.



Drill Name: Bob Knight Mid Range Shooting Drill

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Drill Goal: Improve your shooting and learn to shoot when you are fatigued. Be able to shoot on the move and build your mental endurance.

Equipment Needed: 2 Basketballs and 1 Partner.

Tips: Shoot the ball the same every time, jump straight up and down, and hold your follow through. Fight through the fatigue and stay mentally strong.

Directions: The shooter is going to stand at the right elbow and get down ready for the shot. The passer/rebounder is has both of the basketballs in the paint. He/she is going to pass one of the balls out to the shooter and they will shoot the ball. As soon as they land they will run to the opposite elbow for the next shot. The rebounder must pass them the ball before they go get the first rebound. Shooter continues back and forth for the set amount of time, between 1-2 minutes is recommended. Once the time ends the players will immediately switch spots and repeat the drill.

This drill can also be done from the corner to wing, and wing to top of the key. Also you can make this drill into a competition between your team and see which two players can get the highest score.

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June 10

NBA Finals Kicks of the Night: Game 4

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Though the Warriors lost, Stephen Curry debuted a new Under Armour Curry 4 colorway. Draymond Green kept things packed with drama, rocking the Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit. Andre Iguodala continued to show off the most fire Nike Kobe ADs. He played in a black and gold joint.

Scroll through the gallery above for the best of Game 4.

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NBA Finals Kicks of the Night: Game 3

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June 10

Everyone Was Confused Why Draymond Green Wasn’t Ejected From Game 4 Of The NBA Finals

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Game 4 of the NBA Finals was both entertaining and wild almost from the outset, but things peaked from a weirdness standpoint during the third quarter. Golden State Warriors All-Star Draymond Green was assessed a technical foul for a reaction to a referee’s call, and at the time, the entire NBA world assumed that he was ejected from the game.

The reason that this assumption was made was, well, that Green had been given a technical foul back in the first quarter.

However, there was mass confusion that resulted in Green being able to stay in the game and ABC’s Doris Burke broke it down from courtside.

In short, Burke’s reporting indicates that the officials appeared to override the initial call saying (two quarters later) that the first technical was actually given to Warriors head coach Steve Kerr instead of Green. This is certainly not standard operating procedure, and at the end of the clip, ABC analyst Jeff Van Gundy expressed his displeasure in saying it was “not a good look for the NBA.”

At the time of the incident, Green still went to the bench with his fourth personal foul, but the conspiracy theorists certainly will be able to get quite a bit of mileage out of what transpired. In general, the officials lost control of the proceedings in the third quarter, but in this case, Draymond Green drew two apparent technical fouls and managed to avoid ejection. Draw your own conclusions.

June 9

LeBron James Kicked Andre Iguodala in the Groin During Game 3

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The play—which looked very similar to any one of Draymond Green’s infamous leg kicks—went unnoticed by the referees as the final seconds ticked away in Golden State’s 118-113 victory.

On Thursday, Iguodala’s former teammate Marreese Speights drew attention to the play with a friendly joke with an ironic aftertaste.

“Hopefully you can have more kids,” Speights tweeted.

Should the NBA discipline LeBron for his late-game kick? Let us know in the comments.

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June 9

Stephen Curry And The Warriors Are Finally Talking About Having A Perfect Postseason

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Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are one game away from the perfect postseason. It’s about time the team finally acknowledges that it’s on the brink of history.

Curry spoke to reporters on Thursday, a day after the Warriors stunned Cleveland to take Game 3 and potentially set up their fourth straight playoff sweep on Friday night, and after Steve Kerr and others had shrugged off the questions about a perfect playoff record, Curry could not avoid the questions anymore.

Curry was asked if going 16-0 was a goal of the Warriors this season, or if it mattes to him personally that they go through the postseason without dropping a single game, something that’s never been done in North American sports. Curry was hesitant to say the Warriors are thinking about it, but conceded now that it’s within reach that the thought of a perfect postseason is something the team can consider.

“We always say ‘we just want 16 wins it doesn’t matter how we get there.’ But now that we’re in this situation, why not take care of business and finish the job?”

Curry said the Warriors have learned how to to do things right in their third straight Finals appearance, and it’s something that starts months before the playoffs.

I think we’ve grown and matured mentally in just how to pace yourself in this long year and take every day as a new experience. It’s something that you can take control of, so we’ve tried to control the narrative and the conversations and just our talk in the locker room and practice.

Especially the last three months in just understanding what our goal is and how we’re going to get there day by day. Being in this position now, obviously it’s working and we have to keep that keyhole mentality of what’s next.

And we’re right there so that’s a great thing. But obviously we’re not done yet. I think we’ve done a pretty good job of growing up as a team.

It’s interesting to hear athletes talk about the season as a whole at the end of a postseason run. It sounds like the Warriors are ready for it to end, and they’re just as ready to finish the job and not repeat the mistakes they made last season.

June 8

Kevin Durant Sinks Clutch Three-Pointer to Defeat Cleveland in Game 3

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After scoring just one point in the third quarter, Durant exploded for 14 in the fourth, and gave the Warriors the lead with 45.3 seconds left.

He finished with a team-high 31 points on 10-18 shooting.

Kevin Durant: LeBron James ‘Paved the Way’ to Join Warriors

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