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Mark Cuban Wouldn’t Let C.J. McCollum Get Away With A ‘Law And Order’ Parody Skewering The Mavs

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C.J. McCollum was consistently fantastic during the 2016-17 season, one which saw him average 23 points per game for the Portland Trail Blazers. One of his best games came against Dallas on February 7. McCollum dropped 32 points on the Mavericks and hit a floater at the end of the game to give Portland a 114-113 win.

McCollum had two really good games against Dallas — the aforementioned matchup and one on February 2 in which he scored 28 points — and two that weren’t as great. In those, one on November 4 and another on December 21, McCollum had nine and 13 points, respectively. So as you can guess, McCollum has a lot of material to choose from for the Law and Order parody video he tweeted out on Monday.

Shockingly, this video made Mark Cuban mad. Because the Mavericks’ owner is a fan of posting, he fired up the ol’ Twitter machine and responded to McCollum’s video.

His response included a link to this video of Dallas then-rookie Yogi Ferrell torching the Trail Blazers and hitting a rookie record-tying nine threes.

Cuban also linked to a video of Wesley Matthews putting the clamps on Damian Lillard to seal the win from December.

Now, these are fine responses from Cuban, but they do kind of fall flat. Sure, they both happened in Mavericks wins, but the Matthews video involves a player other than McCollum getting the clamps put on them, while the Ferrell video came in a game where McCollum performed well. This was an admirable attempt to punch back by Cuban, but we’ll give this round of internet sparring to McCollum.

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