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Hold Off the Defense Finish

This move is going to be used in a situation where you are coming off a ball screen and your defender is on your back trailing the play and the post help defender is in the paint. The reason you would want to hold off the defender is to create space and have better timing for the rolling offensive post player who just set the screen.

The video in this breakdown is going to work on finishing with a floater, but this is also a great move to force the help post defender to step up so that you can either dump the ball of the to rolling post player or lob it up to the basket. Checkout our basketball training groups for more videos like this breaking down different game moves.



Drill Name: Hold Off the Defense Finish

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Drill Goal: Work on coming off of a ball screen and holding the defender off to open up space and time to finish.

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball, a chair (something to use as a ball screener), and a dummy defender (optional).

Tips: Really stay low and athletic when holding the defender off. Really use your eyes to help freeze the help post defender. If you are able to look at the rolling post player, you will freeze the help defender and put them in no mans land.

Directions: Set up an object as a screener on either wing/lane line area. The player is going to start with the ball on the wing and come off the ball screen attacking to the paint. As they come off the screen, they are going to simulate a defender on their back hip and slow up to hold off the defender for a brief second. They will then make a quick dribble forward and finish with a two foot floater.


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