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Fake Hand Off Shooting Drill

Being able to read the defense and make them pay for cheating a play can add so much value to an offense. So it is important that you take time to work on teaching different situations that a player can make a defense pay for cheating. This drill is going to work on a hand off action where the defense gets out of position by trying to anticipate the hand off too early. It is going to allow the post player to get lots of repetitions at selling the hand off and then making an explosive move to the basket for the finish.

Great basketball drills keep all of the players involved as much as possible, so this drill is also going to have a shooting action for the guard after they come off of the fake hand off. It is a great drill that you can use with your team or with a small group.



Drill Name: Fake Hand Off Shooting Drill

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Drill Goal: Work on selling the hand off action and then keeping it for the finish. Also, the player coming off of the hand off action is going to get a shot as well.

Equipment Needed: 2 basketballs, 2 players, and a partner.

Tips: Really sell the hand off, try to hide the ball to keep the defense from seeing what you are doing. Push the ball out on the dribble to the basket and be explosive with the move. The guard coming off of the hand off needs to set their imaginary defender up before coming off, must take a great angle; the same goes for using the down screen.

Directions: The guard is going to start on the left wing with the ball and the post player is going to be on the right block. There is also going to be a passer at the top of the key with a ball and a chair on the opposite elbow. When the drill starts, the post player is going to flash to the left elbow and receive a pass from the guard. The guard will then set up their imaginary defender and cut off the post player like they are going to receive a hand off. The post player is going to fake the hand off and then take one dribble to the basket for a finish. As this is happening the guard is going to use the chair on the opposite elbow as a down screen and come up for a shot at the top of the key area. Once the post player makes their finish, they will get into rebounding position and look to tip in the guards shot if they miss. This completes on repetition, reset and repeat or have the next group in line go.


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