June 14

Nike Air Mags Auctioned for World-Record $52,500

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“This auction was a successful first step to bring together a number of different themes and objects,” said Leon Benrimon, Director of Modern and Contemporary Art at Heritage Auctions, via press release. “Collectors were excited to see their passions displayed on a public stage, giving them a platform and a voice. As a result, we saw a record number of page views on ha.com, amazing press coverage and the foot traffic at the Beverly Hills office during the preview leading up to the auction was amazing. We shattered the world record for collectible sneakers sold at public auction by $20,000 when the Nike Air Mags sold for $52,500. I was also pleased to see the prices realized for the other collecting categories as well.”

The Nike Air Mag, originally introduced in Back to the Future II, was brought to market in late 2016. The 2016 version has LED lights and Nike’s Adaptive Fit technology, which senses the wearer and tightens according to that specific foot.

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June 14

Made in the Offseason

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This article was written by SUNY Canton Head Men’s Basketball Coach Ben Thompson


As coaches, we are constantly preaching to our team that players are “made in the offseason”. We say this because it is true, but also as motivation to inspire our student-athletes to grind and work harder at improving their game. I have used this comment several times with my guys and truly believe that it rings true with them.

However, as coaches, we are “made in the offseason” as well. What do you use your offseason for? We expect our student-athletes to put in the extra hours and early morning times in the gym or weight room; but, how much extra effort do we put in during the offseason to work on our craft?


Depending on your level, you might be able to work with your team some in the offseason. This is a great thing, but how many of us also work on ourselves. The offseason is a time for you to invest in yourself and improve as a coach.

There are many forms of this, but self-evaluating how you performed this past season, as well as your staff, is crucial. Going back to watch film on games, practices, workouts; whatever it is and helps you, how much time do you spend trying to evaluate your own performance?


This is a great time to review practice plans, does your practice flow, where would you tweak some things, do you need a complete overhaul? Do you reach out to boosters, alumni, parents? Getting with your own administration, picking their brains on things they see, areas you could improve.

Ask questions of those around you and those you trust; asking coaches that you play against or that have seen you play, but have a great rapport with or friendship with can be helpful as well. Meet with people in the community, run camps, do things that will get you more involved in your area.


Invest in yourself and your own growth. Find clinics, roundtable discussions, and forums to attend to get different perspectives and give your own perspectives. Sometimes explaining things you do to other peers/coaches and what you believe in, helps remind and refresh yourself of why you do what you do.

Networking is another key thing in the offseason; this can be done in many ways, but meet different coaches, meet with other administrators, meet others on your own campus that you do not know.


Lastly, do not forget to take some down time. Do not use the ENTIRE offseason as down time, but take some time with family/friends and refresh. Work on your health and your fitness; sometimes during the grind of the season, we lose sight of our own well-being and our health.

Make sure you get back to your work/life balance. Take some trips, have some staycations, refill your tank, but then get back to work. We cannot tell our players that they are “made in the offseason” if do not rebuild and re-tweak ourselves in the offseason as well.



SUNY Canton Head Men’s Basketball Coach

“In his first season as a head coach, Thompson led the SUNY Canton Men’s Basketball team to a 20-9 record. They also won the first conference championship in NCAA program history and competed in the first ever NCAA sponsored post-season tournament in program history with a win in the ECAC tournament. It was the first NCAA sponsored post-season win for any sport in SUNY Canton history.”



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June 14

Andre Iguodala Doesn’t Want To Visit The White House, But He’ll Follow Steph Curry’s Lead

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There was a report on Tuesday morning that the Golden State Warriors were going to pass on the ceremonial trip to the White House. While the team released a statement that refuted said report, it doesn’t exactly sound like Warriors forward Andre Iguodala would enjoy taking a trip to meet the President of the United States.

Iguodala is one of the many people in the Warriors organization who isn’t exactly a fan of Donald Trump. When Sam Amick of USA Today Sports asked him if he’d like to attend prior to Game 5 of the NBA Finals, the versatile veteran gave a simple answer.

“Hell nah,” Iguodala said.

As Iguodala explained, though, it’s ultimately not his decision. The way the Warriors operate, the decision will ultimately be made by the team’s leader.

“We’re going to do what our leader (Curry) does,” Iguodala said. “I think we handle (the White House situation) when it gets there. I mean, it may be different. There might be somebody different in (office). That’s a realistic thing to say though, right? So you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Based on comments that Curry and head coach Steve Kerr have made about Trump in the past, it wouldn’t be a huge shock if the Warriors ultimately decided to skip out on heading to the White House. Should that happen, Iguodala thinks he knows exactly what will go down.

“Maybe (Trump) doesn’t (invite us) and we don’t go, or we don’t say anything and make a big deal of it, and he doesn’t make a big deal of it and we go our separate ways,” said Iguodala, 33, who is known for being as aware of social issues as he is sarcastic. “Y’all might write about it. I might call him and say, ‘If they ask, just say our schedules conflicted.’ And then if y’all write something, we’ll say, ‘Fake News.’ ”

Give Iguodala credit, at least he’s keeping a sense of humor about the entire thing.

(Via USA Today Sports)

June 13

NBA Finals Kicks of the Night: Warriors Win the Title

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Kevin Durant captured the Finals MVP in a blue Nike KD10 and Stephen Curry scored 34 points in the white Under Armour Curry 4. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green also rocked mostly white colorways of both the Anta KT2 and the Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit.

Andre Iguodala, who rose up for a few dunks, wore a grey and gold Nike Kobe AD.

Scroll through the gallery above to see the full recap and congrats to the Dubs!

Photos courtesy of Getty Images

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June 13

These Are The Best Highlights From The 2017 NBA Finals

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The NBA Finals are over. The NBA season is over. We are now about to dive into the dark, purgatorial state known better as the NBA’s offseason. For one team that participated in the Finals, the offseason will provide the opportunity for a victory lap. For the other team that participated in the Finals, along with the other 28 teams in the league, the offseason will be a time to try and figure out how the hell you’re supposed to beat the Warriors.

But before we dive head-first into the offseason, let’s look back on the Finals.

Namely, let’s look back on the eight best plays that happened during the third edition of the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. the Golden State Warriors.

8. Kyrie Goes Coast-To-Coast

Scene: Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Golden State is up, 2-0. It’s back in Cleveland. Kyrie Irving has been, for lack of a better word, not great thus far in the series.

Game 3 rolls around and Irving starts shooting fireballs from his hands. Sure, the Dubs ended up winning, but this was world-class from Irving – he went coast-to-coast and finished through insane traffic to score before halftime. It’s not a stretch to say that no one is able to score from below the rim quite like Irving, which he showed us here.

And my goodness, those handles are something else.

7. Steph Shakes LeBron

Did he double-dribble? Probably! But this play showed how far Curry has come in his NBA career – originally billed as just a shooter, he’s now an ultra-creative offensive player whose handles, ability to get to the rim, and finish are among the best in the world.

When you make LeBron dance like this, you did something special. This is something special.

6. Iggy Turns Back The Clock

There was a time in Andre Iguodala’s career when he was among the most vicious dunkers and biggest open-floor threats in the NBA. That time has passed, sure, but he reminded us during Game 5 that he can still elevate and finish with authority.

It was so smooth yet so powerful, two things that were trademarks of Iguodala’s game when he was a star in Philadelphia. Father time is undefeated, but Iggy still got the best of him here.

5. LeBron Brings The Thunder In Game 1

Durant made one heck of a business decision here. Sure, he could have tried to stop LeBron from putting him on a poster, but with JaVale McGee standing right there, Durant decided to let his big man try and get the block.

That, of course, didn’t happen. LeBron was just cruel to McGee on this one. He even stood and flexed for a sec, which LeBron rarely does. I guess when you know you just made a grown man look silly, you do these kinds of things.

4. KD Brings The Thu…uh…Hammer Down In Game 1, Too

This play was an accident. Curry was obviously trying to pass the ball to Klay Thompson, but due to a miscommunication that didn’t happen.

Fortunately for him, Durant was in the right spot and just absolutely shook LeBron, giving him a clear path to the lane. It set the crowd at Oracle ablaze, even if it all happened on accident

3. LeBron Puts Durant On A Poster

Durant tried to slow this down by smacking LeBron square in the face. No foul was called, but it didn’t matter, because LeBron soared through the air and hammered it home. At this point, it almost seemed like Cleveland might be able to win Game 5. It didn’t happen, but for a moment, it seemed like the Cavs were cooking on all cylinders. Then the Warriors decided the game was over, but this was still cool.

However, this wasn’t LeBron’s best dunk of the Finals. That honor goes to…

2. LeBron Goes Off The Glass

By this point, the game was basically over. But still, LeBron threw a dang basketball off the dang backboard for a dang alley-oop to himself in a dang NBA Finals game. It was awesome. And hilarious. And ballsy. And about a million other things.

1. Durant’s Dagger Seals Game 3

It cannot be stressed enough how big this shot was by Durant. Every Finals game has big moments, but this moment literally decided a win and a loss. It also capped off a massive comeback by Golden State to steal a game at Quicken Loans Arena and was cold blooded as all hell – the list of guys who can pull up in transition and can a jumper in LeBron’s eye like this is as follows:

  1. Kevin Durant

That’s it.

Total aside, but all of the top-5 plays on this list involve the two-best basketball players on earth. Sure, plenty of people weren’t happy with the fact that Durant left Oklahoma City to join the Warriors, but at least we got a series that featured the latest chapter in the LeBron vs. Durant rivalry.

We’re probably getting the latest chapter in that rivalry, along with Cavs-Dubs IV, next Finals. Hopefully the offseason doesn’t drag on too long in the meantime.

June 12

Former Lottery Pick Sebastian Telfair Arrested On Multiple Weapons Charges In New York

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Former NBA player Sebastian Telfair, who was selected as a high school senior with the No. 13 overall pick in the 2004 draft by the Portland Trail Blazers, was reportedly arrested on Sunday in Brooklyn on gun possession-related charges. Telfair reportedly was arrested after police found loaded weapons and two bags of marijuana in his vehicle while he and another man, Jami Thomas, were parked illegally on the median on Atlantic Avenue.

NBC New York has more details on Telfair’s arrest:

Telfair, 32, and another man, Jami Thomas, 18, were found with four loaded weapons, ammunition and a bullet-resistant vest, police said. Two bags of marijuana were also allegedly found in the 2017 Ford F-150 pickup.

As officers approached, they started to drive off, according to the source. Police who pulled them over smelled marijuana and saw a lit “blunt” on the dashboard, police said.

According to PIX11 in New York, Telfair was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon, unlawful possession of a ballistic vest, criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of ammunition. It’s Telfair’s second gun-related arrest, his first coming in 2007.

Here is a picture of the haul police took in from Telfair’s vehicle:

Telfair last played in the NBA during the 2014-2015 season, when he suited up for the Oklahoma City Thunder for 16 games. Before Oklahoma City, Telfair also spent time with the Toronto Raptors, Los Angeles Clippers, Boston Celtics, Phoenix Suns, Minnesota Timberwolves and Trail Blazers.

Telfair, who is the cousin of Stephon Marbury, was one of the best players in the country as a high school senior and was highly touted when he decided to forgo college and enter the draft. But his skill set, which was so lethal at the high school level, never truly translated to the NBA and as evidenced by the number of teams he played for, Telfair’s career will largely be remembered for his journeyman role off the bench at his various stops.

June 11

NBA Players React To Game 4 of the 2017 Finals

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Game 4 was physical and chippy with a heavy dose of foul calls and technicals dolled out from the referee crew.

Ultimately, the Cavs delivered the most offensive firepower, winning the game 137-116 and forcing a Game 5 in Golden State.

NBA players watching the game had plenty to say LeBron and KD getting into it, the Cavs fan who got ejected, the abundance of whistles blown and more.

Scroll through the gallery up top to see what the League had to say about an epic Game 4.

NBA Players React To Game 3 of the 2017 Finals

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June 11

The NBA Won’t Further Discipline Anyone On The Cavaliers Or Warriors After A Chippy Game 4

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Game 4 of the 2017 NBA Finals got really, really chippy. Officials handed out 51 total fouls on Friday night, including a number of technicals that were assessed to a handful of players – LeBron James and Kevin Durant got T’d up for jawing with one another, while no one knew exactly why Draymond Green wasn’t tossed for an accumulation of technicals. Oh, and Dahntay Jones decided to spend basically the remainder of this season’s paycheck after picking up a technical foul.

Along with all of this, there was an incident where it looked like Zaza Pachulia might have punched Iman Shumpert below the belt. Basically, the NBA had a lot to review when it went back and looked over the game prior to Monday night’s Game 5.

Sam Amick of USA Today Sports is happy to announce that the league has finished its review, and there will be no additional discipline for anyone that could put their statuses on Monday night into jeopardy.

This is great news because, well, it’s the Finals and it’s weird to watch games without players who are suspended. It would also be a bit ironic if there was some type of punishment which kept someone out of this game, because last year during Game 4 of the Finals, Green made contact with James below the belt, which led to the Warriors’ forward getting suspended for one game.

As Green has said in the past, him sitting out for Game 5 was one of the things that helped spark Cleveland’s eventual title – the Warriors couldn’t get the job done, the Cavs defended their home court in Game 6, and in a one-game series to decide the championship in Game 7, Cleveland was able to grind out a win. We’ll never know if the full-strength Warriors shut the door on the Cavs during Game 5 in 2016 if Green plays, but we do know that no one on either team will be forced to serve a suspension during Game 5 of the 2017 Finals.

June 10

NBA Finals Kicks of the Night: Game 4

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Though the Warriors lost, Stephen Curry debuted a new Under Armour Curry 4 colorway. Draymond Green kept things packed with drama, rocking the Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit. Andre Iguodala continued to show off the most fire Nike Kobe ADs. He played in a black and gold joint.

Scroll through the gallery above for the best of Game 4.

NBA Finals Kicks of the Night: Game 1
NBA Finals Kicks of the Night: Game 2
NBA Finals Kicks of the Night: Game 3

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June 10

Everyone Was Confused Why Draymond Green Wasn’t Ejected From Game 4 Of The NBA Finals

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Game 4 of the NBA Finals was both entertaining and wild almost from the outset, but things peaked from a weirdness standpoint during the third quarter. Golden State Warriors All-Star Draymond Green was assessed a technical foul for a reaction to a referee’s call, and at the time, the entire NBA world assumed that he was ejected from the game.

The reason that this assumption was made was, well, that Green had been given a technical foul back in the first quarter.

However, there was mass confusion that resulted in Green being able to stay in the game and ABC’s Doris Burke broke it down from courtside.

In short, Burke’s reporting indicates that the officials appeared to override the initial call saying (two quarters later) that the first technical was actually given to Warriors head coach Steve Kerr instead of Green. This is certainly not standard operating procedure, and at the end of the clip, ABC analyst Jeff Van Gundy expressed his displeasure in saying it was “not a good look for the NBA.”

At the time of the incident, Green still went to the bench with his fourth personal foul, but the conspiracy theorists certainly will be able to get quite a bit of mileage out of what transpired. In general, the officials lost control of the proceedings in the third quarter, but in this case, Draymond Green drew two apparent technical fouls and managed to avoid ejection. Draw your own conclusions.