April 17

Form Progression Shooting Drill

The purpose of the form progression basketball shooting drill is to help develop the proper fundamentals when shooting the ball, and build up to game shots. Whether you are a player that is just learning to shoot, or you are already a good shooter, this is a great drill to do. It will help to build up your fundamentals or refresh them if you have already been playing for a long time. It is also something that you can do without putting a lot of strain on your body, so it is a great basketball drill to do in season or along with your workouts.

One of the biggest things to focus on is learning the correct way to shoot and then practicing it the same way every time. This will help you develop that muscle memory that will translate into game shooting and help you become a better shooter.




Drill Name: Form Progression Basketball Shooting Drill

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Drill Goal: Develop your shooting fundamentals.

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and a partner.

Tips: Keep your shot smooth and fluid and raise up slightly on your toes as you shoot the ball. Hold your follow through and stay in your shot until you make or miss. As you get farther out you may have to slightly jump.

Directions: Player is going to start with a basketball right in front of the rim. They are going to take the ball in their shooting hand and shoot the ball with one hand. Once the player makes 5 shots from that one spot they are going to take a big step backwards and make 5 more shots. They will continue this all the way out to their comfort zone (once the player starts to struggle shooting the ball with the proper form) and then come back in to the first spot they started. Now they are going to repeat the drill but this time they are going to use their guide hand and once they get to about the free throw line they are going to start jumping on their shot. Once again the player is going to go out until they start to struggle shooting with the proper form. The drill is over after this.


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March 20

Being Okay With Failure

This article was written by Basketball HQ c0-founder Kyle Ohman


At first glance you are probably thinking, “Why would you want to be okay with failure?” However, if you really think about it, there isn’t anything of significance done without first having to go through failure.

You don’t hit the game winning shot without having missed hundreds and even thousands of shots leading up to that point. You don’t become a great player without first playing (and usually losing to) players that are older, bigger, and better than you. You don’t automatically master every new and challenge drill or move that you attempt, you master it after you have gone through failure to get there.

Unfortunately, today’s culture has become a culture that is afraid to fail and to even put themselves into situations where there is potential for failure. Failure isn’t fun, so it is avoided at all costs. You should never enjoy failure, but you should never be afraid of it either.

If you want to be great, you must be willing to put yourself in positions that are uncomfortable and where there might even be a high probability of failure. The two areas that I want to address in this article are personal skill development and the competition that you choose to play against.


Skill Development

As a trainer, one of the biggest road blocks I run into when working with younger players is the player’s willingness to get out of their comfort zone and to spend time working on something that they are not good at. If they don’t have immediate success at it, they get frustrated and want to move onto something else.

This type of mindset leads into having areas of your game that never get fully developed. You see this all the time with players that are one dimensional. You have players that are good shooters, but can’t handle the ball, or vice versa with players that can handle the ball, but don’t shoot it consistently.

What you need to realize, is that it is okay to fail. It is okay to not be good at something at the start, and that it may take countless hours, reps, and failures before you master a specific skill. If you are not okay with failure, you will never be able to push through. Learn to live with being uncomfortable, and always be challenging yourself with your basketball training.



One of the best things about being a younger basketball player is that it is easy to find older players that are better than you to play against. I remember growing up as a 15/16 year old and playing with college players and grown men.

It took me a long time to start winning games, but losing all those games and playing against better competition helped me develop my game so much. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and when I did play against players my own age again, I had the confidence and the skill set to do what I wanted on the court. The only reason I was able to do that is because I was willing to go through failure and losing against better players.

I show up to the gym now though to play pick up as one of the “grown men” and I hardly ever see any younger kids in the gym playing. I know there are practices, games, AAU, etc. but during the off season, you should be finding a gym to play at and get better.

Be willing to go toe to toe with someone that is older, bigger, and better than you, and then compete your tail off. Take your loses and keep getting better until one day you are competing, and then finally handing out loses of your own.



Growth doesn’t happen without struggle. So even though it isn’t fun to fail, and you should never get to the point where it is “okay” to fail, failure is a vital part of growth and developing in the game of basketball and in life. Learn to embrace failure and make it work for you.


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March 20

Florida Gators Middle Pick and Roll Finishing Drill

This Florida Gators drill is going to work on four different moves that you can use out of the middle pick and roll action. Being able to execute all of these different moves will allow the post player to read the defense and choose the correct move on the catch; rather than just blindly using the same move every time.

This is a really great basketball post drill that you can use in small group training or with your team when post and guards split up to work on different position specific skills. If you use a lot of ball screens in your offense or a looking to develop a post player, this is a great drill to use.



Drill Name: Florida Gators Middle Pick and Roll Finishing Drill

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Drill Goal: Work on finishing out of the pick and roll in the middle of the floor.

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and a partner.

Tips: Catch the ball under control and with a nice soft touch. Make game speed moves so that you can get used to finishing at game speed. Get your eyes around quickly to locate the ball on the lob plays.

Directions: The player is going to start at the top of the key in ball screen position, and the coach/partner is going to come off the ball screen. As they do the player is going to roll. There are going to be four different actions that the player is going to work on out of the roll.

  1. Pocket Pass: As soon as the player rolls they will receive a pocket pass for a one foot finish (no dribble).
  2. Lob Pass Finish: As soon as the player rolls they are going to get their eyes around and go straight to the basket. As they are attacking the basket, the passer is going to lob the ball over top of the defense for an alley oop finish.
  3. Lob Pass Catch and Finish: This finish is similar to the previous finish, but it is going to simulate the player needing to catch the ball, land, and then go right up for the finish. This might be because the player gets a pass slightly off of the rim or feels more comfortable landing before finishing. Keep the ball high on the finish.
  4. Pocket Pass Change Direction: This move is going to work on getting a pocket pass and then accounting for the help defense. The player will receive the pocket pass after the roll, attack, and then make a quick counter between the legs move before finishing on the other side of the basket.

Once you complete all of these moves for the desired amount of repetitions or time, switch directions of the roll and repeat.

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March 20

Two Foot Team Finishing Drill

This is a great team basketball drill that you can use to get the entire team involved and working on finishing at the same time. Being able to finish at the basket adds a lot of value to your offense, and it is important that you spend time working on finishing regularly.

The two foot team finishing drill is something that you can incorporate into pretty much every practice because it is a drill that doesn’t take very long to do, and is going to allow for every player to get a lot of repetitions at finishing off of two feet.



Drill Name: Two Foot Team Finishing Drill

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Drill Goal: Work on finishing off of two feet.

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball per player, two chairs/cones, a side hoop (optional), and a passer.

Tips: Practice finishing at full speed to make it more game realistic. Stay under control and balanced on the finish.

Directions: Set up a chair on the right side of the basket on the main hoop and the side hoop to the left of the main basket (if available). The line of players is going to be out towards half court on the left side of the court. The passer will be just outside the left elbow. When the drill starts, the first player in line will pass the ball to the passer, cut hard through the middle of the paint, receive the ball back as they do, and then take on dribble before finishing off of two feet outside of the chair.

The player will get their own rebound and (if available) dribble attack to the side basket for a pull up jump shot. If there is no side basket, just dribble back in line or dribble attack the opposite hoop before getting back in line. The next player in line will go right after the player in front of them finishes the layup.

You can do this drill for a set amount of time, or play first player to a certain amount of points. Layups equaling 1 point and jumpers equaling 2 points.

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March 16

David Thorpe Ball High Finish Rebounding Drill

This basketball rebounding drill is great for tracking down offensive rebounds and then learning how to finish with people around you. Don’t just be satisfied with getting your hands on a board. Learn how to grab the board and then finish it. As a big man it is important to keep the ball high after you rebound it, because if you bring it down then a guard can get in there and potentially strip it.



Drill Name: David Thorpe Ball High Finish Rebounding Drill

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Drill Goal: Learn how to track down offensive rebounds and finish with defenders around you. Learn to finish while keeping the ball high.

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball.

Tips: Track down the ball and go get it at its highest point. Keep the ball high and finish quickly at the basket.

Directions: Start at the free throw line with the ball and throw it up off the backboard. Run and jump to rebound the ball at its highest point. Grab the ball and land but don’t bring the ball down. Keep your arms extended and finish quickly. Reset to the free throw line each time and do about 8-12 reps. Mix up finishing on the right and left side of the rim.

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March 8

Florida Gators Inside Pivot Post Series

In today’s game of basketball it is important that post players are not only able to play inside by the basket, but also be able to handle the basketball. A post player that is able to take a couple of separation dribbles after a rebound to outlet the ball up the court or is able to help bring the ball up the court against a press, can add a lot of value to a team.

This post drill from the Florida Gators is going to combine ball handling and finishing in the post. It is a great drill to use in a one on one/small group workout or with an entire team.



Drill Name: Florida Gators Inside Pivot Post Series

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Drill Goal: Work on ball handling and finishing in the post.

Equipment Needed: 2 basketballs, cone/chair, passer, and a rebounder.

Tips: Stay low and athletic on your dribble move and snap your pass. Make sure that you hold your pivot foot and really sell your jab step move.

Directions: The player is going to start on the right wing and the passer will be on the left. Set up a chair/cone halfway up the right lane line between the player and the passer. When the drill starts the player will attack the cone/chair and make an attack move (you can choose the move). After the player pushes the dribble past the chair/cone, they will snap a chest pass to the passer on the wing. The player will then post up on the block, receive an entry pass, inside pivot, and then shoot. Immediately the player will repost for another entry pass where the player will inside pivot, jab step to the baseline, and then attack to the middle for a finish.

This completes one time through the drill. The next player in line will go, or the player will repeat the drill. Once you get the desired amount of repetitions, switch sides of the floor and repeat the drill.


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February 21

The Back Leg Finish Drill

This video is going to breakdown a little bit more of an advanced finish, but it is a really good move for throwing off a defenders timing on the contest and allowing the offensive player to be able to get a quality look at the basket. The back leg finish is a move that really became popular with Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitski in their prime, but it is used by a lot of players in today’s game.

It is important though that as a player you spend the needed time mastering the move before you look to use it in a game situation. Really lock in on the details of the video below. This video is going to breakdown a few different ways that the back leg finish can be used, so spend time working on each type of situation.



Drill Name: The Back Leg Finish Drill

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Drill Goal: Work on the back leg finish move.

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball, partner optional.

Tips: Stay balanced and under control when you execute the move. Do your best to go straight back and not drift on the move. If you are drifting it increases the level of difficulty of the shot. Make sure that you put a lot of arc on the shot. Because you are falling back, your shot will tend to be short. So make sure that you put that extra on it.

Directions: The player is going to start with the ball and attack towards the basket, they will plant their top foot, lean back onto their back foot, and while slightly falling back put up a nice high arcing touch shot. Here are the four different ways you can practice this move.

  1. Attacking off of the dribble. The player will start out on the wing and simulate making a breakdown move before attacking the basket. When they get into where they want to execute the move; they will plant and raise up for the back leg finish.
  2. Attacking in transition. The player is going to start out above the three point line and attack down hill off the dribble like they are attacking in transition. When they get to the block extended area they will execute the back leg finish. You can use the decelerated finish or the contact and finish.
  3. Attacking from a cut. The player will start out on either wing mid range area with the ball. They will spin the ball to themselves as they flash to the middle of the paint. As the catch the ball they are going to immediately go right into the back leg finish without taking a dribble.
  4.  Attacking from a post up. The player is going to post up just outside the block on either side of the lane. The first finish the player is going to lean into the defender, and then quickly lean back into the back leg finish. The second move is going to be off of the dribble. The player will take a couple of back down dribbles before quickly leaning back into the back leg finish.

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February 7

2 Ball Single Move Box Dribbling Drill

Working on ball handling is something that every player should do regardless of position, especially with younger players. Because whether the player is a primary ball handler or not, it helps so much with their hands and being able to develop soft hands. This two ball dribbling drill is great for working on being able to strengthen both hands at the same time, making different moves with the basketball, and also working on staying in athletic position when you move with the ball.

This last one is important because a lot of players dribble the basketball standing too straight up, and this takes away from their ability to be as explosive as well protect the basketball from defenders. The box dribbling drill is great for really working on staying low and moving athletically with the ball.



Drill Name: 2 Ball Single Move Box Dribbling Drill

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Drill Goal: Work on ball handling and staying low and being athletic with the ball.

Equipment Needed: 2 basketballs and 4 cones.

Tips: Stay low during the drill and be as athletic as you can when you move and change directions. Keep your eyes up and don’t be afraid to make a mistake. You can choose the move that you do at each cone, just choose before you start the drill.

Directions: Set up four cones in a box shape about 10 feet apart from each other. The player is going to start at one of the cones, and when the drill starts they will begin dribbling both basketballs and moving towards the cone in front of them. At the first cone they will breakdown, make a crossover move, and then begin sliding laterally to the second cone. When they reach the second cone the player will make another crossover move and then start back pedaling to the third cone. Upon reaching the third cone the player will make another crossover move and then slide to the fourth/starting cone where they will make one last crossover. Repeat this motion as many times as you can in 30 or 60 seconds. Instead of the crossover move you can also use the between the legs move, behind the back move, or the reverse between the legs move.

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February 7

100 Point Shooting Drill

Sometimes shooting drills can become mundane and the challenge is keep them interesting and fun, while also getting better. The 100 point shooting drill is designed to help work on shooting, but it is also a great drill to keep players engaged. It also helps the player to work on making shots under pressure. Each player is going to compete against themselves and teammates for the best score each time that they go through the drill.



Drill Name: 100 Point Shooting Drill

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Drill Goal: Lock in on every shot and stay mentally engaged.

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and 1 rebounder

Tips: Shoot the ball with good habits every time and don’t worry about whether you missed or made the last shot. You need to stay mentally tough when you do this drill. There is a possible 160 points (plus the bonus free throws) available in the drill, but a good goal to aim for is 100 points.

Directions: The player is going to start in the corner ready to shoot and the passer will be in the paint. The shooter is going to shoot a 3 pointer, mid range shot, and a layup before moving on to the next spot. They are going to shoot from a total of 5 different spots (corner, wing, top of the key, opposite wing, and opposite corner) repeating the same 3 shot pattern. After they complete all 5 spots they will shoot a one and one free throw. This completes one quarter. Once the player completes all four quarters the drill is over.

The scoring breakdown is this: 3 pointers = 3 points, mid range shots = 2 points, layups/dunks = 1 point, and free throws = 1 point.


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February 7

Alternating Tips Drill

This is not one of the more complicated basketball drills out there, but it is great for working on several different things at the same time. It is going to work on developing a players touch around the basket, timing, and their ability to generate multiple quick jumps in a row. The reason that this last skill is important, is because a lot of times the player that has the best chance to tip the ball back in, is the post player that just missed the short finish at the basket. The reason why, is because they know where the ball is going before anyone else, and they should already have the position to tip the ball in.

Along with this drill working on these specific skills, it also reinforces the habit of crashing the offensive boards. Players must have the mindset of following every shot that is taken by themselves, or a teammate (unless they are getting back for defensive purposes). This is a great drill to use as a warm up before practice, or basketball training.



Drill Name: Alternating Tips Drill

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Drill Goal: Work on developing soft hands around the basket, timing, and developing a quick second jump.

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball.

Tips: Get up off the ground as high as you can on every jump, and tip the ball with your arm extend. Do your best to get back up off the ground as quickly as you can on each jump.

Directions: The player is going to start on the right side of the basket just inside the block. When the drill starts the player will toss the basketball up against the backboard. They will then jump up off the ground, and while in the air, they will tip the ball back against the backboard with their right hand. As soon as they land they will jump back up and repeat, but this time tipping the ball with their left hand. The player will continue this alternating tip motion until the 5th tip, where instead of tipping the ball against the backboard, they will try to tip the ball in the basket. After tipping the ball in the player will gather the ball, and then repeat on the left side of the basket.


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