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5 Dribble Kickout Repost Finish Drill

A big part of playing in the post is positioning. The deeper you can catch the ball and bury the defender under the basket, the better chance you will have of getting a finish or being fouled and put on the line. Sometimes though, the defense will do a good job of pushing the offensive player farther out than they want to be on the catch.

When this happens, a great option is to kick the ball out and then immediately repost and try to get deeper positioning. This post drill is going to work on this exact situation and also incorporate a ball handling aspect to the drill as well.




Drill Name: 5 Dribble Kickout Repost Finish Drill

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Drill Goal: Work on handling the ball in the post and finishing off of a repost.

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball, a post defender, a passer, and a pad.

Tips: Stay in an athletic stance the whole time and keep your eyes up seeing the floor when you are handling the ball. Make an aggressive and explosive move on the finish. Show your hands when looking to receive the post entry pass.

Directions: The player is going to start a couple of feet off of the block with the basketball. The poster defender is going to be behind them and the passer is going to be out on the wing. When the drill starts, the player is going to drop into an athletic stance and then take 5 pound dribbles while the post defender is pushing on them with the pad.

After the 5th dribble, the player is going to kick the ball out to the passer. Immediately after kicking the ball out, the player is going to look to repost and get deeper position. The passer will enter the ball and the post player will drop step and attack to the middle for a hook shot. If the player misses, they will jump up and look to tip the ball back in. Reset and repeat this same action, or have the next player in line go.


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