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5 Dribble Drop Step Finish Drill

The goal as a post player is to get as deep of position as possible when posting up. However, this does not always happen and sometimes the post player must be able to put the ball on the ground and take a couple dribbles to get better positioning before looking to finish.

This post drill is going to work on ball handling in the post by over exaggerating the dribble action, and then it is going to allow the post player to make a finish move towards the basket. It is a great drill to use in post workouts or practice when guards and posts split up for skill development work.




Drill Name: 5 Dribble Drop Step Finish Drill

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Drill Goal: Work on handling the ball in the post and then finishing.

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball, dummy defender, and pad.

Tips: Stay in an athletic stance the whole time and keep your eyes up seeing the floor when you are handling the ball. Make an aggressive and explosive move on the finish. You can change the finish to whatever move you want to work on.

Directions: The post player is going to start slightly off of the left block with the basketball and the post defender with the pad will be behind them. In an athletic stance, the player will take 5 pound dribbles with their right hand and then take a step to back down the post defender. The player will repeat this same action 3 total times. On the 3rd time the player will attack to the middle for a jump hook. If the player misses the hook shot they will immediately jump back up and tip the ball in until it is made.

Get the rebound and reset, or allow the next player in line to go. Switch sides after completing the desired amount of repetitions.


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