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3 In a Row Warm Up Shooting Drill

When you first get in the gym it is important that you are spending time working on touch and getting up quality repetitions around the basket. You don’t want to come in the gym and just start jacking up long distance shots. It is important that you value your warm up time at the beginning of a workout or practice.

This warm up shooting drill is going to allow the player to get quality repetitions right around the basket. It is also going to force them to lock in mentally because they must make 3 in a row and their time is being recorded.




Drill Name: 3 In a Row Warm Up Shooting Drill

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Drill Goal: Get warmed up and work on the hook shot and mid range shot.

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball.

Tips: Really lock in on the details of each move and work on developing great muscle memory. Challenge yourself to go at a good speed, but don’t rush your finishes or your shot.

Directions: The player is going to start on the right block with the basketball. When the drill starts, the player is going to spin the ball to themselves, catch the ball, leg whip to the middle, and shoot a hook shot. The player must make 3 in a row. Once the player makes 3 in a row, they will move to the left block and repeat the same move to the middle. After the left block is completed, the player must make 3 free throw line jumpers in a row.

This drill is done without a rebounder and is timed to see how long it takes for the player to complete the drill. Keep track of your times and try to beat your best time every time that you do the drill.


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