August 20

Someone Modified Every NBA Logo Design To Be For The Toronto Raptors And They Are Amazing

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In the mid-August doldrums of the NBA offseason, boredom can sometimes settle in. Free agency and the draft are over, training camp remains a month away, and, for the most part, there’s very little news coming out about most teams. While that isn’t the case for the Cavaliers right now, with all their drama involving Kyrie Irving and LeBron James, for a team like the Raptors, there isn’t much for fans to really get jazzed about right now.

That boredom can sometimes lead to some incredibly creative work to pass the time, as is the case for artist John Mong, who decided he should take every NBA team logo and make it a Raptors logo. The results are pretty incredible, as posted to r/NBA by user bbnexus.

The results are pretty incredible. My personal favorites are the Hawks, Timberwolves, Sixers, and Celtics logos as reimagined by Mong. The Celtics crossover is especially incredible and I, not a Raptors fan in the slightest, would absolutely order a shirt with this logo on it.

You can check out the rest of the full size images of his designs, along with a number of other logo crossover designs that he’s done for other Toronto teams, on his website, but nothing tops that Celtics look.

August 19

Michael Beasley Says He’s Unstoppable

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Beasley, 28, recently inked a one-year deal for the veteran’s minimum with the Knicks, and says he’ll “bring what they saw in college.”

SuperCool Beas believes it’s time for people to give him the respect he thinks he deserves.

Per the NY Post:

“I’ll bring what they saw in college,” Beasley told The Post in a robust phone interview Friday from his home in Washington D.C. “I just need the opportunity to show that. Look at my nine-year career, I’ve always been close to a point a minute. I’ve always been a walking bucket. Nobody can stop me, hasn’t stopped me my last nine years. Every time I’ve touched the ball, the defender’s scared. I’m at the point of my career I’m just tired of not getting the acknowledgement of being who I am.


“I’ve always been the quiet, not-stand-up-for-myself-kind-of-guy. Not being disrespectful. But I want my respect. For the last nine years, I’ve been a walking bucket, man. Anytime you want a point, I’ll give you a point, no matter what the circumstances, who the player is defending me.”


The Knicks are his sixth NBA team after drafted by Miami in 2008 following his record-setting Kansas State freshman season of 26.2 points and 12.4 rebounds. Beasley’s NBA career average is 12.6 points in 23 minutes. A series of marijuana incidents and being scrutinized under the lens of a No. 2 pick, Beasley suggests, has prevented the 28-year-old old from getting his due on the court.


“It’s exactly the reason,” Beasley said. “People meet me. First thing they say: “You’re totally different than I thought you are. A large part of my career is due to perception, what people think what I am or should be. My past is my past. They keep harping on it. Everyone wants me to grow up and learn from my past, learn from my mistakes. But you guys should do the same thing. I’m years removed from any marijuana incident or incident period. But it’s all anybody speaks about. I’ve grown up. Now it’s time for you to grow up.”

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August 19

The Minnesota Lynx Put Together The Most Dominant In-Game Run In WNBA History

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If you’re not watching the WNBA, then you’re truly missing out on some high-quality entertainment. Just ask Kobe Bryant. Even NBA Live has finally wised up. The quality of the product they put out on the court is truly astounding at times. Case in point: the Minnesota Lynx game against the Indiana Fever on Friday night.

The Lynx own the best record in the WNBA, and, well, the Fever do not. The Lynx, led by Maya Moore and Sylvia Fowles, entered Friday’s game against Indiana with a sparkling 21-5 record and the Fever had to travel to Minneapolis with a less encouraging 9-19 overall mark.

For the first few moments of the contest, it appeared as if the Fever could be at least capable of hanging around. Then, the Lynx absolutely exploded, and the rest was, quite literally, history.

Minnesota scored a highly impressive and, frankly, remarkable 37 consecutive points, stretching a 22-9 first half lead into a comical 59-9 advantage before halftime even arrived. The mere sight of a 50-point first half lead with five minutes remaining in a half of basketball is crazy enough, but the path to grabbing that advantage was all the more interesting.

The Lynx were expected to hold serve with a relatively lopsided home victory, as evidenced by the fact that the team entered Friday’s contest as 15-point favorites over the Fever. Still, no one could have reasonably expected what ended up transpiring over a few minutes in the first and second quarters, and the 37-0 mark is one that could stand in the WNBA for quite some time.

August 18

Shaquille O’Neal’s Son Says His Dad Would Be ‘Even More Dominant’ in Today’s NBA

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Shareef, an Arizona commit, believes his father would feast with greater spacing on floor.

“If my dad was in his prime playing in the league now [eyeballs emojis]


“I think he would be even more dominate than he was back then.”

Would Shaq be more or less dominant in today’s NBA? The same? Let us know in the comments.

Shaquille O’Neal Releases LaVar Ball Diss Track

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August 18

The Reporter Claiming LeBron Is Leaving Doubled Down And Says Reps Will Lie To Protect James’ Image

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LeBron James‘ looming free agency is a huge deal. It’s the kind of move that could potentially shift the balance of power in the NBA, and it’s so important that the Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly letting LeBron’s potential free agency impact the way they approach a potential trade involving Kyrie Irving.

But according to Chris Sheridan, there’s one team we can cross off of the list of having a chance at signing LeBron if he hits the open market: the Cleveland Cavaliers. Sheridan claimed that LeBron is 100 percent leaving Cleveland next offseason, a claim that was shot down by someone who spoke to LeBron’s inner circle.

Sheridan took to Twitter on Thursday and addressed the report, saying that there’s a reason people close to LeBron would say he was inaccurate.

So Sheridan isn’t necessarily wrong — LeBron’s people obviously have a vested interest in making him look good by any means necessary. If they didn’t, they probably wouldn’t be close to LeBron, because that would be a bad move on LeBron’s part. It is safe to assume that any report that paints LeBron in a negative light — especially one that says “there is no way he will return to Cleveland next year” — would be rebuked almost immediately.

However, it’s really important to consider the context of Sheridan’s original claim. He said that LeBron has already made up his mind that he’s leaving Cleveland because of his relationship with ownership, which seems odd because if LeBron thinks his best chance at winning a championship is with the Cavaliers, it’s hard to imagine him leaving. Really, this just seems a bit premature, and the kind of thing that can be defended with “oh he changed his mind after this season” even if it doesn’t happen.

Of course if Sheridan got word from someone who would know for a fact that LeBron is absolutely, positively gone after this season, that’s worth reporting. It’s probably just safer to trust the people close to LeBron for now, even if Sheridan thinks that’s not the best idea.

August 17

Report: Dwyane Wade, Bulls Expect Buyout Within a ‘Few Months’

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According to an ESPN report, Wade is expected to reach a buyout with the Bulls “in the next few months.”

Dwyane Wade isn’t long for the organization’s future and is expected to reach a buyout agreement at some point in the next few months.

Dwyane Wade Returning to Chicago for ’24 Million Reasons’

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August 17

UVA Alum Malcolm Brogdon Says Confederate Statues ‘Have No Place In Our Society’

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The fallout from a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville that turned violent over the weekend continues as people around the country try to make sense of the troubling racial divide that only appears to be widening. Numerous people in the sports world have spoken publicly about the events, with many directing their criticism at the president’s shocking defense of the hate groups at the center of this ordeal.

LeBron James, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and David Fizdale have all voiced their outrage and disbelief in recent days, and now reigning Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon, who is also a University of Virginia alum, has stepped forward to offer his thoughts. Brogdon spoke to on Wednesday, specifically about the controversy over Confederate monuments.

“I’m a person that thinks things should not be glorified that do not do the country any justice,” Brogdon said. “For example, these statues, I think they stand still, but all they do is divide people. At this point in time, I think America needs to be unified, and the statues are clearly something that’s not unifying people. It’s going to continue to create a divide within our communities. I think they have no place in our society right now.”

In the wake of the Charlottesville protests, President Trump fell prey to a pair of key rhetorical fallacies – the slippery slope and false analogies – when trying to argue that taking down Confederate statues could open a path to removing the George Washington and Thomas Jefferson memorials, further betraying his allegiance to certain alt-right ways of thinking.

Brogdon joins Fizdale and James in their belief that these monuments are little more than symbols of hate. Fizdale made reference to Memphis-area monuments honoring Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Nathan Bedford Forrest, who was an early member of the Ku Klux Klan.

It doesn’t appear that this conflict will let up any time soon as protesters have already set their sights on the aforementioned Forrest statue. Let’s just hope that they can avoid the violence that erupted in Charlottesville.


August 16

Report: Police Investigating Robert Horry Over Fist Fight

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Horry threw a flurry of punches after a heckler shoved him at the Nike 3ON3 tournament outside of STAPLES Center on August 5.

According to a TMZ report, no charges have been filed yet.

Ex-NBA star Robert Horry is being investigated by the LAPD over a fistfight outside of a youth basketball game at Staples Center earlier this month … TMZ Sports has learned.


Law enforcement sources tell us … Horry has been named a suspect — but so far, no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed.

Robert Horry Punches Heckler at His Kid’s Tourney

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August 16

LeBron James Tweeted Out A Hot Pasta Take And He’s Very Wrong

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LeBron James is extremely good, both at basketball and social commentary. That is why it pains me so much to see that he has such a bad opinion when it comes to pasta. This tweet made its way into LeBron’s timeline in one way or another on Monday afternoon.

LeBron, who I again must reiterate is extremely good, decided to quote tweet this and drop an opinion that is so bad that it made me angry.

What the heck are you talking about, LeBron James? Angel hair is awesome. I am very mad, and I expect better from LeBron than to have such a bad food take. Here are a list of reasons why angel hair rules:

  1. It is a thin pasta, meaning it lends itself to being covered in lighter sauces, which are unequivocally the best sauces for consuming pasta. Who doesn’t love a nice, light marinara? Or a clam sauce, made with so much garlic and white wine and olive oil and lemon that one bite makes you feel like you’re on a beach somewhere. Even something as simple as some butter/olive oil and parmesan is great! Sure, it doesn’t work for, like, an alfredo sauce, but you should not frequently eat alfredo sauce or else your cholesterol is going to look like a zip code. Eat pasta. Eat angel hair.
  2. Its thinness makes it perfect in any role. Wanna make it a side? Go ahead, have a nice, small bowl as a side while you consume a meal. Put it under a chicken breast that has been pounded out and fried golden brown and delicious for a wonderful compliment to chicken parmesan. Or just cook up some meat and veggies and drop it in, and you have a staple of every single guy’s diet.
  3. LeBron’s big beef seems to be that his angel hair gets soupy. Well, LeBron, just don’t overcook the dang noodles! Or just make sure you drain them properly after you cook them! Give ’em a good shake and a toss and don’t take them out until the noodles stop dripping water. Oh, and DO NOT RINSE THEM AFTER YOU DRAIN THEM. It washes away some of the starches makes it harder for the sauce (see point No. 1) to stick on. I know this because on an episode of Chopped once someone did this and Scott Conant nearly ran over to their station and gave them a pedigree. If you’re worried this means it’ll turn into one big ball of noodles, no worries: You’re gonna toss it in the sauce like the guy from Binging With Babish instructed in his Elf video and it’ll come out looking gorgeous.
  4. Have you ever put a ton of angel hair on a fork and slowly ate away at it? It rules and makes you feel like you’re eating some weird fair food, right? Obviously LeBron has never done this. He should. You cannot do this with other pastas that do not congeal as easily. Like you can’t do this with bowties, that’d be weird.

Eat more angel hair, LeBron. Just trust me on this. I will even come to your house and make it for you and hopefully it all works out well. I am just devastated by the fact that you have such a negative view on such a great type of pasta.

August 15

Duke Lands No. 1 HS Recruit Marvin Bagley III

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Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Bagley averaged 24.9 points and 10.1 rebounds per game last season at Sierra Canyon in Chatsworth, California. He hooped on numerous occasions at the famed LA-based pro-am tourney Drew League this past summer, posting 30 points against the likes of DeMar DeRozan and Baron Davis.

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